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60 miles north of Nha Trang lie the imposing landscapes of the Troung Son Mountains. At the crest of Deo Ca Pass on Highway 1A a narrow, dusty road winds its way down to Vung Ro Bay. At the waters edge sat the joint compound of the 458th Transportation Company, the 218th Military Police Company, and later, the 127th MP Co.

Additional units stationed in Vung Ro Bay include the US Navy's IUWG-1 (Unit 5), the US Army's 119th Trans. Co, 344th Trans. Co, the 360th Trans. Co, The 545th Trans. Co, the 854th Trans, Co, the 856th Trans. Co, and the Signal Mountain group; the 261st Signal Co, the 362nd Signal Co, and the 514th Signal Detachment.

Stationed high above Vung Ro Bay on a bluff were units of the South Korean White Horse Division.


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