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The 458th Transportation Company arrived in Vietnam in late 1966, operating LARC-V's (Amphibious Craft) engaged in moving cargo from ship to shore.


In 1967 the first River Patrol Boats (PBR) arrived and the 458th began patrolling the inland waterways, harbors, and coastlines of South Vietnam providing waterborne security for ports, personnel, and shipping.


The 458th PBR's units were assigned to the 18th Military Police Brigade and they established a headquarters at the Military Police compound located at Pershing Field, near Ton Son Nhut Airport, Saigon.


PBR outposts were maintained in nine locations throughout South Vietnam: Cat-Lo, Dian, Newport, Cat-Lai, Qui Nhon, Vung Ro Bay, Cam Rahn, Vung Tau, and Cogido.


River Patrol Boats were operated by a crew of four: a coxswain (operator), an engineer, and two Military Police. A South Vietnamese Police Officer served on board on occasion.


The 458th was the only PBR unit in the United States Army.

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Vung Ro Bay w/Delong Pier


Map of Vietnam.


15-ton LARC V


PBR on patrol

PBR Photos 014

Checking sampan for contraband. Don Hastings, Mike Hebert

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