Normally at this time we would have had information out about the next reunion.  Unfortunately, there are no plans.  Mimi and I have had a rough year or two between health issues and family matters.  We will not be able to make the hundreds of phone calls, emails and text messages that are required to make it happen.

     There are also a couple of other issues involved with this. In the last newsletter we asked for help to form committees to lessen the load on us. We heard from no one. This is very disappointing as it seems those who attend really enjoy them but can’t put out the effort to help. There is also the issue with the small craft flotilla and events around the LST, which were cancelled by the organizers. I don’t know if this was a Covid thing or just infighting.

     At this point in time, I feel it best to have these reunions every other year. Every year is just getting too much. Many other groups have found this to be true and have switched to bi-yearly events. Our reunion in Colorado was more like two different reunions for us. We had a full reunion planned for 2020 but then had to cancel because of Covid. In 2021 we had to start over as many of the things we were going to do were no longer available to us. Maybe another year will allow us to move on from Covid and really get on with our lives. If we are to keep having these reunions some sort of committees need to be formed. It’s too hard for us as it stands.                            – Tom Farrell, President

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