Vung Ro Bay was home to several US Army and US Navy units in addition to the 458th Transportation Co. They are listed below in no particular order. Since Steve Leuty has passed away, his well documented site for Vung Ro Bay is no longer available. Please feel free to submit photos and stories to this site. I will do my best to carry on Steve's work.


The personnel listed below have signed into the guestbook on my previous site 458pbr-vungrobay.com

IUWG 1 Unit 5 (US Navy)

Jim Ellis'68 - '69

Tom Sellers   '68 - 70

Lawrence "Butch" Cornell      '68

MSTS (US Navy)

Al Preese             '68 - '69



The 119th was the first US Army unit to set up operations in Vung Ro Bay, arriving in Sept. 1966 via a Korean LST.


Thomas Pulley       '66 - ''67

Ted Durant               '66 - '67

John R. Grimes      '66 - '67

Lt. Luther                 '66 - '67

Capt. George W. Neal  '66 - '67

Sherrell Duncan     '66 - '67

Jack P. Cook           '66 - '67

Thomas Burns        '66 - '67

Lt. Bill King               '66 - '67

Al Cianelli                  '67-'68

Rodney Weldon      '67 - '68

Paul Valachovics   '69 -'70

Bobby Brooks         '66 - '67

Charles Vance

Bill Shanks               '66 - '67

Cpl.  Ray Sears       '67 - '68

Robert Petrocelli   '67 - '68

David Jenkins          '67 - '68

Charles Terinoni      1966


LT. William Basset (CO)

Timothy Eldred (CO)

Edward Bell



The 360th was a truck company that hauled fuel and supplies out of Vung Ro Bay.


Joe O'Rourke'68

Rick Parkinson     '66 - '67



David Lydick '67 - '68

Edward Williams  '67 - '68



The 854th Trans. Co. provided stevedores to go down into the holds of visiting ships and unload bombs, ammo, etc. There were frequently large supplies of ammo sitting on the Delong Pier.


Dave Harmon

Clinton A. Berry III '69 - '70

David Gosling      '68 - '69

Mike Spurgeon '70



This unit provided stevedoring services to ships,, unloading bombs & ammo, then transported to Tuy Hoa Air Force Base.


SSG Gregory Rodriguez     '69 - '70


Co-ordinator, ROK Compound

Wayne Pieske '69 - '70



Richard Young  '67


Motor Pool

Rick Vincent  '69 - '70


LCU 1544

This Landing Craft made many trips from Qui Nhon to Vung Ro Bay, bringing ammunition for the Korean troops stationed higher up the mountain.


CWO Heinz Weingaertner '70



visit www.vung-ro-tropo.com for details


261st Signal Company  Darrell Rose

362nd Signal Company Don Wilts

514th Signal Det.  Ed Landgrave

                                      Doug Patterson

119th Trans Co Barracks
SP-4 Mares
119th Orderly Room
Vung Ro Bay PX

photos by Dave Harmon


South Korean White Horse Division

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Nestled on a ridge high above Vung Ro Bay was a unit of the famed South Korean White Horse Division. The Koreans were a feared unit, apparently, as I heard horror stories about them from the moment of my arrival in Vietnam. They got the job done, though.


There were several Koreans who made a regular pilgrimage to our docks to trade for expended brass shell casings. They sent it all home and made trinkets for tourists, I guess.


On one occasion we traded an M-16 machine gun for a 45-caliber Grease Gun. What a great weapon! It was really fun to shoot. We reported the M-16 as being lost overboard!

The South Koreans occupied a hilltop above Vung Ro and guarded us and the area around us. One night we thought we were under attack. After we got the troops spread out and under cover we realized the shooting was over our heads. Turns out there was some confusion between the Signal Company in the hills and the ROKs on the other hills. Each side thought the other was VC and continued shooting at each other for a little while...don't know if anyone got hurt but don't think so.


The other ROK incident involved the occassional pot shots they would take at us as we either took a swim in the South China Sea or walked along the beach. They were not trying to hit is... just have a little "fun."

                                                                                 Lt. Bill  King  ( 119th Trans. Co.)

South Korean guntruck with quad
South Korean guntruck with quad
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South Korean soldier
South Korean soldier
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South Korean compound
South Korean compound
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South Korean compound above Vung Ro Bay
South Korean compound above Vung Ro Bay
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At the very top of Vung Ro Mountain was the 261st Signal Co. and 362nd Signal Co. We only went up there once, to the best of my knowledge. It was a long, narrow, rocky road up to the top of the mountain. I can't even remember why we went up there, but it was certainly an adventure!


The following information on Vung Ro Mountain provided courtesy of Don Wilts, 362nd Signal Co.



The 261st Signal Company was formed up at Fort Hood and the entire company traveled by ship (USS UPSHUR) and landed at Vung Ro Bay in early 1967. They cleared the area and set up the radio communications on top of Vung Ro Mountain. The 362nd Signal Company operated all of the long-lines tropo scatter systems throughout Vietnam from their headquarters in Nha Trang. The 362nd signal Company motto was "Hang loose with the Deuce". the signal site at Vung Ro Mountain was dismantled in 1970 and the First Signal brigade was deactivated in 1972, in Vietnam.

The South Korean White Horse Division helped provide security on the mountain.


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